On the Brink of World War Three

  • North Korea show video of missiles blowing up the USA
  • Kim Jong Un gleefully smiles as his propaganda film is viewed
  • The video ends with an American flag engulfed in flames
  • All this after Mike Pence puts North Korea on notice in last visit
  • North Korean defector warns “North Korea will push the nuclear button!”


It’s beginning to look a little bleak just months after Donald Trump took office. We are probably closer to nuclear war today, than we have been since the Cuban missile crisis.

To me it looks like Trump has gone out of his way to steer the world towards this catastrophe, rather than trying to avert the disaster at all costs. He began agitating first in Syria, under an extremely flimsy and suspicious pretext, I might add; and now in North Korea.

Lets put the North Korean situation in context; North Korea has nuclear capabilities. North Korea has conducted approximately five nuclear missile tests. Two of them being in 2016 when Obama was in office. North Korea is a failed state, ruled by what can only be described as an insane and childlike dictator. Now; is it worth risking nuclear war over a nuclear test?

USA intervention and world policing has been a disaster. That is the only way to put it. Dropping bombs on North Korea, a country that is no threat to the United States is both reckless, and incredibly stupid.

I fear giving the nuclear codes to someone with his ego tied up in being tough was a mistake… And I for one made that mistake as I was an enthusiastic Trump supporter until very recently.

A common objection that is often banded about read thus; “but Kim Jong Un is a dictator!” My response would be, “so what?” He’s been a dictator for long enough, is it not Americas job to police the world. It is not Americas job to force her own values down disinterested communities throats, all the while risking worldwide annihilation of the western people. (As western people would be primarily affected by nuclear war.)

In short, it is time to hold Donald Trump to account and face up to some harsh realities. If you’re on the right, Donald Trump was always an imperfect candidate; he’s a civic nationalist! Donald Trump was only ever a vehicle useful for pushing our issues into the public discourse. We are not followers of a personality. We are not passive commuters on a “train” driven by anyone.

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