Farage for Prime Minister

Yesterday it was announced that Theresa May decided to hold a “snap” election, polling taking place on the 6th of June 2017.

This decision has been stated to seek “stability” during the Brexit negotiations… Stability? This kind of Orwellian double think is really troubling to those of use who can see through it. This snap election will create chaos and will throw the Brexit negotiations into a tailspin.


Labour is in bad shape, but my feeling is that Jeremy Corbyn is poised to possibly win this one. It will certainly be close as Theresa May isn’t motivating anyone to get out and vote; especially considering the massively unpopular conservative party has held the reins since 2010.

We published a satirical article on labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who seems to have reimagined his public persona. Jeremy is known for acting and sounding like a robot; we don’t mince words here. In his Easter Sunday announcement it was clear he had undergone some speech and body language training, very much like Hillary Clinton when she was being prepared for her campaign.

I dubbed this attempt by Corbyn and his handlers, “human training”, as that is exactly what these lessons appear to be trying to achieve. Jeremy is trying to look more enthusiastic, less lethargic… In a word; more human. The timing of this, coupled with his equally enthusiastic response to the election being officially announced, leads me to believe Corbyns camp knew this election was going to take place.

Let me make this clear; if sleepy socialist Corbyn wins, it will be a disaster for the UK. Not just for Brexit, but the UK as a whole.

Theresa May is in a weak position and is an altogether uninspiring candidate. Jeremy Corbyn is certainly not a much stronger candidate, but he is a better motivator to vote; even if it’s just for a change after 7 years of “conservative” rule.

With this in mind, I think it would be in the people of the UK’s interest for Nigel Farage to run for prime minister. And under the present circumstances, I think he might stand a chance.

Nigel Farage looks to make his eighth attempt at becoming an MP in june… “Why?” Is all I can wonder at this point. This seems like a close to perfect situation to me; with Brexit in crisis. A Brexit brought about by Nigel Farage must now be driven home by Nigel Farage. Seems like a good message to run on.


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