Donald Trump World Police

Why does Donald Trump rush to wage globalist wars? Many people are suggesting that Donald Trump has faced a devastating coup d’état within the white house. Some blame Ivanka, many blame Kushner. But I think the often unexamined options seems to be; was Trump a plant from the start?

Of course, this would be hard to swallow. It’s not a nice thought to think that the public could be so easily manipulated. I will be writing more on this another time.

For now let us focus on what Donald Trump has done, that is directly opposed to what the public voted him in for.


  • Donald Trump attacks sovereign Syria breaking both domestic and international law.
  • Donald Trump admin vows to oust Assad.
  • Donald Trump drops the “MOAB” on Afghanistan, the largest non-nuclear bomb ever dropped.
  • Donald Trump changes mind on NATO.
  • Donald Trump changes mind on China’s currency manipulation.
  • Donald Trumps CIA director vows to take down Wikileaks despite Trumps campaign position, “I love Wikileaks.”
  • Donald Trump looks to intervene in North Korea, positioning himself as the most eager “interventionist” president of late.

These developments come in a swath, starting, many have suggested, when chief strategist Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council. Since this event, the Trump vision of the future has been flipped on its head. Very few Trump supporters aren’t just a little bit worried about the events which are taking shape.

Donald Trump seems to be hell-bent on recklessly flexing his muscles when it comes to North Korea. I would suggest that dropping bombs on a delicate situation like North Korea is not a good idea, but this seems to be Trumps go to at this point.

The feeling from the right is very clear, “no more globalist wars, no more American world police!”

This is a story which we feel could “blow up”, quite literally, any day now.


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