Blood Spilt in Massive Riots Across Venezuela
This is what socialism looks like.

Mass riots, the death of students, food shortages… This is socialism.

Two students are dead so far in the protests against the Socialist Venezuelan government. I don’t think the fact that this government is socialist is emphasised enough in the Marxist News Media, for obvious reasons. Be convinced, this is what socialism looks like when it is fully realised. These people have been reduced to protesting over food shortages in the grips of a devastating economic crisis. One unidentified woman was heard saying; “they will do anything to stay in power, anything!” during one skirmish.

“The Mother of All Marches” as it’s being called, erupted into violence resulting in two students being fatally shot. The marches are in opposition to unpopular socialist President Nicolas Maduro, in the midst of economic devastation which is the logical end point of every socialist “utopia”.

If there is a silver lining here, it comes in the form of a visceral reminder that socialism does not work, it has never worked; nor will it ever work. How many times will nations around the world play out the same sad drama?

The first victim is Carlos Moreno, just 18 years of age. He was allegedly on the way to play soccer in Caracas when he was shot in the head. It’s been said he didn’t even intend to take part in the demonstrations.

Paola Ramirez is the second victim. The university student died after being shot by armed men on motorbikes as she was leaving one protest.

This makes a grand total of seven people killed in Venezuela this month. We can only pray that no one else will needlessly die opposing this failed state. However, this doesn’t look so promising as the protest seems to be getting more violent; and night is fast approaching.

We will be posting live updates here.


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