Steve Stephens “Facebook Killer” is Dead

The man who live streamed himself shooting an old man by the name of Robert Godwin Sr has shot himself. The major of Cleveland said, “I want to again give our condolence to the family” in the latest Cleveland PD press briefing.

He went on to state; “… This was a loss of innocence.” And I tend to agree. Mr Godwin did seem to be an innocent man, down on his luck, collecting cans on the side of the road when he was heartlessly murdered. The Cleveland police chief said that Steve Stephens vehicle was reported to be in a McDonald’s car park. When the police arrived to investigate there was a brief chase, which resulted in Steve Stephens ending his own life after the police approached his vehicle.

What a pitiful and cowardly story. A story of a weak and evil man, wilfully inflicting suffering because he himself is suffering. It brings to mind the story of Satan himself, who in being condemned, wishes only to condemn others. Misery sure loves company.

I have neglected to include a picture of the killer. We should remember only this man:

Robert Godwin Sr, victim of the Facebook Killer.

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