Innocent Female Punched by Right Wing Lunatic – Battle of Berkeley

The vicious assault!

She’s been dubbed “moldylocks”, the female combatant who was punched by the Altright figurehead Nathan Damigo.

But is she so innocent? See her captured in a picture by Reuters (below). Clutching a bottle in her right hand. Look at how she holds the bottle. It almost looks like she is wielding it as a weapon, rather than looking for the nearest trash can.

Moldylocks, armed with a bottle in her right hand.

Does that really matter? Does it matter if this communist rioter intended to smash a bottle over someones head? Is it okay because she is a woman? I personally do not like seeing women getting punched in the face. I don’t know why, it’s just visually repellent to me. However, if a woman arms herself with a glass bottle and enters combat; she is a combatant and is only a victim of her own stupidity.

This woman was held to her own standards, Saul Alinsky would be proud! The cultural marxist delusion has been played out here, yet the Marxist News Media still feigns outrage… Shouldn’t they be praising equality at this point? Where was the outrage when Richard Spencer was sucker punched on camera? It was national news, and the general feeling from the media was one of jubilant approval. No condemnation. No outrage. Just a unanimous agreement that punching Nazis is good.

Man after being assaulted with a U lock by Antifa Feral

I think its important to look at where the blame lies here. The blame lies squarely at the feet of the left. It lies at the feet of the rabid Antifa ferals; who are the ones behind the majority of the violence. And it didn’t start at Berkeley. Antifa have been getting increasingly violent throughout the western world, with a propensity to enact what can only be described as cowardly mob beatings and sucker punches.

What will happen when the right begins to fight back? I think we are beginning to find out…

When the right fights back…

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