All Eyes on Auburn Ahead of Richard Spencer Talk

With the event dubbed as “the battle of Berkeley” only days old, all eyes are on the next potential war zone. Richard Spencer, who coined the term “alt-right” is speaking at Auburn university amidst great outcry from left-wing ferals. Given the past record of groups like antifa, who have vowed to oppose the talk, we can only assume that this event may erupt in violence.

A motion was filed on Monday in an Montgomery County Court attempting to stop left-wing subversives from shutting this event down. Spencer stated; “We feel the law is on our side. I think it’s very clear. The Supreme Court has been unequivocal in terms of supporting people in situations like ours.”

Spencer’s talk was cancelled by the university over “safety” concerns. It is clear which side these safety concerns come from. Cultural Marxist indoctrination has infected these college campuses to a staggering degree. Groups like antifa and affiliates are determined to “shut down” any and all talks or events heralded by their ideological opponents.

The popular “anarchist” network, named “its going down” published an article called “Defend Auburn, Alabama Against the White Power Invasion April 18th!” How many smelly anarchists has this article mobilised?

The text reads: “We must show up ready for conflict in the numbers necessary to thwart their attempts at silencing us”. Silence you? I had no idea there was an anarchist talking on the same day as Richard Spencer. I doubt anyone would want to listen to that anyway.

We will be posting live updates as the event takes shape…

UPDATE: Judge Watkins of Montgomery has officially ordered Auburn University to host the event as planned. Spencer said “now we have the cooperation of Auburn police, the cooperation of Auburn university.”

He went on to say “we did it. This is a huge win… It’s going to be a crazy 4 hours from now.”

The speech will take place as scheduled at 7pm, Foy Auditorium, Auburn university.

UPDATE, 18:00 (CT): Protests begin in Auburn. Masses of unwashed communists gather around where Richard Spencer will soon talk. No violence yet, though things promise to go that way.

The university itself is littered with flyers, “defend Auburn” is the sentiment. I have it on very good authority that Richard Spencer’s people have prepared themselves for combat and are ready for whatever may take place.

UPDATE, 18:26 (CT): There has been one altercation, some blood spilt. The whole thing was wrapped up very quickly. Antifa don’t seem to have showed a very strong presence. The right are here in force, clearly ready for violence, wearing helmets and wielding shields. The “right-wing safety squad” is tight around Spencer and Mike Enoch, as the speech draws near.

If there is organized agitation planned, I imagine it will be after the speech is ended, and extending through the night. We’re going to stay with this so please follow for instant updates.


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